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We might get snow. I mean, we probably won’t, but we might.
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DMV To Redesign Paper Tags To Avoid Fraud. The counterfeit paper tag racket has finally grown severe enough that the state is redesigning the temporary plates. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles plans to roll out new tags to dealerships on December 9. The new effort predates the death of Grand Prairie Police Officer Brandon Tsai, who died following a collision while chasing a car with fake tags. The suspect in that case, 22-year-old Colbie Hoffman, was arrested on Wednesday night and charged with evading arrest and detention causing death.

FBI Arrests Argyle Fire Chief. Mac Hohenberger returned home from Las Vegas and found FBI agents waiting for him at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The FBI won’t comment on the arrest, but a former firefighter filed a federal lawsuit against the department about a year ago. That suit alleged that something funny was happening with the pension and that money had been misappropriated.

Snow Today? It’s possible. Another cold front arrives this evening, which could spark a few showers. Coverage is expected for only 10 percent to 20 percent of the region, and the flurries would come with the rain. Sounds like a dusting, if any. In the meantime, expect a weekend in the 40s. Winter is here, we skipped fall.


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