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Finally: a cold weekend ahead.
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The Report that Will Reshape Texas’ Electricity Market Didn’t Include the Freeze. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas commissioned a report last May that would suggest alternatives to the deregulated energy market. Problem is, it only took into account weather data from 1980 through 2019. That means it missed not only the freeze that shut off power to millions and killed more than 200 Texans, but it missed a very hot summer that was dotted with pleas for conservation from the agency that manages the grid. The PUCTX also appears to be disregarding the report’s call for a capacity market, so that energy generators get paid even when generation is offline.

Cold Front Is Here. The front plunged the highs nearly 30 degrees into the 50s overnight, which will last for at least the next week. Monday brings temperatures in the 40s and a high likelihood of rain. This weekend will be in the mid-to-low 50s with rain chances trailing off by the afternoon.

Fort Worth Judge Blocked Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan. The Trump-appointed District Court Judge Mark Pittman ruled that President Biden’s program to forgive $20,000 in student loan debt “usurped Congress’ power to make laws.” Which basically means that the program is so broad that it needs congressional approval. Expect an appeal soon.

Car Chase Suspect Is Still Running. Dallas police on Wednesday tracked a stolen maroon truck to a convenience store in Seagoville. The cops gave chase and the truck fled down US 175 in the wrong direction. Two suspects traded the stolen truck for a gold Chevy pickup that cut through lawns and fences on its way to I-20, of which it also used incorrectly. The truck eventually stalled out in mud on Seagoville Road and arrested Esequiel Hernandez, 32, and Sara Sarabia, 28. The third suspect remains at large two days later.


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