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Join Me Way Out West

Our November cover story took place across West Texas. It’s online today, and you can read it now.
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West Texas Highways
Amber Arnold

Far West Texas feels like the edge of the world, a remote part of the state where the crowds disappear and the terrain turns rugged and unforgiving but also, somehow, beautiful and mesmerizing. For the magazine’s annual travel story, we generally find new and interesting hotels and bungalows across the state.

And this year, we did too: except it was just me and my wife, Amber, and we stayed in recently renovated boomtown hotels in quiet towns and hip concrete cubes in the desert. We drove along the edge of mountain ranges and took in hundreds of acres of modern art. We hung out with cats at a winery, drank Lone Stars under the Milky Way, ate nachos for breakfast, and did our fair share of hiking. We even found great barbecue at the edge of the state.

The cover story for our November issue, called “West Texas Waltz,” is online today. Get out there.


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