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A Camera Shop That Keeps It Analog

Don't Photo Equipment has been doing it on film since 1997.
Don's photo store
Elizabeth Lavin

The editorial staff of D Magazine is a small but mighty one, which is why we deputize everyone who works for the company. In essence, they are all editors. We need as many eyes and ears as we can muster. If someone in Accounting stumbles across a cool shop or has a conversation with an interesting person whose life story begs to be in our pages, then that accountant knows to give an editor a heads-up.

That’s how we learned about Don’s Photo Equipment, an amazing old store in the Design District. Shout out to Emily Olson, who was working as the art director for the online team when she told me one day, “I went to the coolest camera shop over the weekend. Let me tell you about it.”

I asked the writer Claire Collins to look into Don’s, and the delightful result, “Total Exposure,” went online today. So, yes, I’m pointing you to the digital version of a story about an analog camera shop that D Magazine subscribers read two weeks ago. Film and pages still offer pleasures that screens can’t.


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