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In New EarBurner, Executive Editor Kathy Wise Explains Her Collin County Investigation

Thousands of people are talking about Kathy’s latest piece, “The Most Lawless County in Texas.” We are just a few of them. Join us.
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Elizabeth Lavin

We stayed close to home for this week’s EarBurner. Kathy Wise, the magazine’s executive editor, published a deeply reported investigation into how justice wasn’t served in Collin County. But it’s more than that, about how our judges are elected, about what type of donations are legal, about how a spurned incumbent judge used the county’s previous district attorney’s office to pursue a criminal investigation against a challenger who defeated him. That challenger, Suzanne Wooten, was the first in the county’s history to defeat a sitting judge. She paid dearly for it, and so did a few others.

Kathy tracked all this in her October story, “The Most Lawless County in Texas.” If you haven’t read it, please do. And then come learn more about what went into her reporting—and her masterfully named tennis squad, Sets and the City. Listen with your ears.


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