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David Yarrow Paid for My Lunch

And other confessions.
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David Yarrow
Henrik Olund

For whatever reason, late in life I have begun to accumulate British friends. Can’t explain it. Maybe because about five years ago I started following Premier League soccer, er, football? Could be a chicken-and-egg thing.

One of these Brits is the travel writer called Jonathan Thompson. He also hosts a show on Discovery called Adventure Cities. And he’s an Everton supporter, which means he’ll be drowning his sorrows come Saturday afternoon when Richarlison scores a hat trick against his old side and Tottenham takes three points. But I digress.

When Jonathan asked if I’d be interested in a story about David Yarrow, a famous Brit photographer who can’t seem to stop himself from coming to Dallas and taking pictures that wind up as giant murals in downtown, I gave him the green light. Which is how we wound up at Harwood Arms back in April having lunch with Yarrow and his son, watching a Man United match. Jonathan had just interviewed Yarrow, but he hadn’t yet written the story. And before we knew what was what, Yarrow had gone and picked up the check.

So that’s what I wanted to tell you. When you read Jonathan’s story about Yarrow, remember that Jonathan, as the writer, and I, as his editor, are totally compromised because we got a free lunch. We are knackered. Or are we at 6s and 7s? Either way, Bob’s your uncle. Enjoy the story. It went online today.


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