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Why It Should Be Illegal to Rent a 950-hp Mustang

In Dallas, Hertz can now put you in a 2022 Shelby Cobra GT500-H.
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Photo courtesy Hertz

I got an email a bit ago from someone working on behalf of Hertz. I’m not sure this is going to go as they’d hoped. Here is the email:

“Hope you are doing well! As you may have heard, the NEW Mustang Shelby GT-H’s are officially available for rent, exclusively through Hertz, in the Dallas area. Here are some more fun things you can do with the GT-H convertible as your ride! Take a day trip to Fort Worth and explore the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. Drive to Turner Falls and hike the stunning falls. Road trip to Galveston and enjoy a beach day.”

Listen, I’m a fan of the car. Carroll Shelby was a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High, where one of my kids walks the same hallways he did. Go, Wildcats! And Ford v Ferrari was a highly entertaining flick. But no one should be able to rent this machine and drive it on Dallas streets.

Check out this Car and Driver story about the special Hertz Cobra, only 25 of which will be built during the first three years of this partnership. The whole story is about how incredibly loud and stupid fast the car is. Top speed of 180 mph and 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. Who is going to pay $400 for a day of driving that sort of car, and what do you suppose they are going to do in it? I know what I would do. It wouldn’t be safe.

Most people are not skilled enough to handle a 950-horsepower car. Those who are skilled enough will want to experience the thrill they paid for. That sort of thrill should not be sought on city streets. The Hertz sizzle reel shows a woman driving the car through a desert, on her way to Vegas. Great. A desert road. Salt flats. Perfect venues. Not Dallas.

Also, I think pajama bottoms and Crocs at the mall is a bad look. Is there anything else you need me to address?


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