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The Chase Tower Rotunda: A Dallas Landmark Unlike Any Other

Jim Nantz gave it some odd love in the CBS broadcast.
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I’m always curious to see the B-roll footage used during Cowboys home games. You don’t get many shots of Arlington. I wonder why. Sometimes you’ll get some Cowtown. Mostly, though, it’s downtown Dallas, for obvious reasons. The Margarets spent millions on those Calatrava bridges.

Yesterday’s CBS broadcast brought a curious shot I’d never seen. As the boys were returning from commercial break in the second half, Jim Nantz intoned over the image you see here: “Ah, the Chase Tower Rotunda. The most beautiful rotunda in all the land. A rotunda unlike any other.”

Kidding. I made most of that up. Nantz said only: “The Chase Tower Rotunda.”

But what the heck? Who cares about the Chase Tower Rotunda? Put simply: it’s not a thing. When it is rarely used, it hosts business receptions and the like. I drive past it nearly every day and never give it a second thought, except when Zac Crain is in my car and invariably points out that the rotunda stood in as a fancy car dealership in his favorite movie of all time, 1988’s It Takes Two. (You can see it in the trailer here.) So yeah. It looks like the floor room of a Lamborghini dealership.

Meanwhile, in the background of that CBS shot stands the Cathedral Guadalupe, one of the oldest, most significant structures in Dallas. I don’t get it. As someone said on Twitter yesterday when I pointed this out, “I literally busted out laughing when this happened. I genuinely need an oral history from the production team on how this came to be.”


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