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Leading Off (9/9/22)

The lofty rapid rehousing initiative is on track, but a short supply of apartments—and an unwillingness from landlords to accept voucher holders—makes achieving its goals difficult.
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Dallas’ Rapid Rehousing Initiative Is on Track. But there are significant challenges ahead. The city of Dallas partnered with neighboring cities and counties to stand up a $72 million rent relief fund to house the chronically homeless. Juiced by COVID relief dollars and some private donations, the Metro Dallas Homeless Association—which is managing the program—has helped over 1,000 people find housing in the past year. That met its one-year barometer, but it has a goal of 2,000; another 600 will receive emergency vouchers. The effort is pushing against the city’s dwindling housing stock, a supply issue that makes it difficult for anyone to find a home, and many landlords still refuse to accept voucher holders.

Yaqub Talib Indicted in Coach’s Murder. A grand jury indicted the brother of retired NFL cornerback Aqib Talib on a murder charge for the shooting death of 43-year-old youth football coach Michael Hickmon. A video captured Yaqub Talib fighting with Hickmon before pulling a gun, shooting, and fleeing the scene. He is being held on a $1.4 million bond in Collin County.

Koreatown Fixture Killed After ‘Minor Accident.’ Police say the accident happened at 2:30 a.m. on August 15 near the University Drive entrance to Interstate 30 in Fort Worth. Restaurateur Jin Shin was in a Jeep that collided with a sedan. While Shin spoke with the three people who were in the sedan, a Chrysler 300 pulled up and boxed in the Jeep. Two more cars came and prevented Shin from leaving. Shin grabbed a gun from his vehicle and walked away from “eight individuals that had deprived him of access to his Jeep.” At some point, Markynn West, 28, retrieved a gun from the Chrysler and approached, firing multiple shots. Shin fled, but was later found dead in the median. West has been charged with murder.

It’s Hot Again. Expect temperatures in the low 90s into the next week.


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