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An Unfair, Unhelpful Review of the New Nancy Best Fountain

Klyde Warren Park unveiled its newest toy today.
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Today Klyde Warren Park opened the Nancy Best Fountain. The DMN story about the $10 million squirter was accompanied by an old illustration, which I found less than helpful, so I popped over there myself to see what I could see. What follows is my review of the “5,000-square-foot splash pad that can accommodate hundreds of children at a time, and a design inspired by the park itself, featuring three 15-foot stainless steel trees, 14 rosebud-shaped bubblers, and 106 small nozzles simulating leaves”:

It’s nice.

Thus ends the official review portion of this post.

Here’s the deal: the fountain wasn’t doing anything for the 10 minutes I watched it today, a little after noon. They fire the thing up for a 30-minute show in the evening. Lights are involved. But during the day—or at least during the part of today that I observed it—the fountain does a whole lot of nothing. Me personally, if I unveiled a $10 million fountain, I’d run it all day. Not these guys. So if anyone goes this evening, send me your TikToks.

Here are a couple more pics:



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