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High today of 80, with chances of more floating cars
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Federal Relief Might Be Available to Flood Victims. With County Judge Clay Jenkins declaring a state of disaster, folks who were underwater can start thinking about getting money from the federal government. Big if: the feds first have to agree that yesterday’s once-in-a-1,000-years rainfall was a disaster.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Puts Limits on Teachers. After 200 people spoke at a board meeting, trustees voted to limit discussions about race and sex in classrooms. The DMN quoted one speaker saying, “Children should be able to go to school without having their purity tarnished by propaganda being taught under the guise of curriculum.”

The Trinity Tollroad Is a Disaster. As the river rose 6 feet over its flood stage, the road was inundated and cars were swept away. Officials are waiting for the water to recede so that they can better assess the damage, but they suspect the tollroad will be covered with mud and debris that will take weeks and cost millions to remove. (Thank goodness we voted to kill the Trinity Tollroad, so this didn’t really happen.)

PGA of America Opens Its Doors. The first part of the Frisco project is finished, a four-story $33.5 million building. By all accounts, it’s pretty sweet.


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