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Leading Off (7/22/22)

You’ll never believe how it’s going to feel outside this weekend.
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Man Dies in Jail; Police Chief, Sheriff Point Fingers. Luis Angel Perez, 25, was arrested on Friday night on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Dallas police officers took him to the Dallas County Jail, filled out an arrest report, and left. Soon after, Perez had a medical emergency and was transported to Parkland. He died on Monday, prior to being arraigned. The jail is managed by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, which maintained that “Dallas police had custody of the inmate even though he was at the jail.” Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said the focus should be on the death, but did make space for his skepticism: “The finger pointing is difficult for me to comprehend. Regardless of the contract language … how is an individual cleared by jail medical staff, accepted into the jail, then held without Dallas Police officers present, all told for more than six hours, considered to be in our physical custody?”

Dallas ISD Needs Teachers. The district is scrambling to build up its workforce; it’s still down about 300 teachers. That’s down from 700, so it’s moving in the right direction.

City Manager Has a Plan. The kerfuffle between City Manager T.C. Broadnax, the mayor, and some council members ended with a kumbaya. Part of that resolution was fixing the problems that made Mayor Eric Johnson want Broadnax gone in the first place. Now, Broadnax has a 100-day plan that includes solutions for many of the issues, like the broken permitting office. Mostly, it appears that the goal is to inform the city’s forthcoming $4.35 billion budget.

Hot Weekend Ahead. Plan accordingly, as we always do. The chance of rain is low.


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