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Leading Off (6/29/22)

How long will it feel like summer doing an impression of spring?
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Texas Clinics Can Resume Abortions. For a bit. The Center for Reproductive Rights sued on behalf of some of the state’s abortion providers and won a temporary restraining order that puts the state’s law on ice until July 12. Whole Women’s Health is beginning again, but Planned Parenthood won’t. Attorney General Ken Paxton is sticking to his guns, saying the earlier state law is “100% in effect & constitutional.”

DMA Says It Can Now Fix Damaged Artifacts. The four ceramic pieces damaged after a break-in have “been saved,” meaning the museum believes it can put them all back together. The museum’s lead conservator says she is “optimistic about the potential for restoration.” It’s not totally clear how this will happen, but the team is studying what they have and discussing the matter with museum officials.

Four More Indictments for Billy Chemirmir. The accused serial killer faces four new capital murder indictments in the deaths of four more elderly victims. Chemirmir already has been indicted on 18 across Dallas and Collin counties related to the killing and robbery of nursing home residents.

Hot and Sunny Fourth To Come. Enjoy the cool morning temperatures, which will last through the weekend. July 4 will be back to what we dealt with last week.


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