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Leading Off (6/21/22)

Sunny today, with a high of 100 and chances of Jerry Jones dissing Eric Johnson
By Tim Rogers |

Dallas Ready to Vax Kiddos. County clinics should be ready today to give COVID-19 shots to kids younger than 5. Infections in the county have been increasing since April, with models predicting 700 new daily infections this summer.

DMN Delivers Weak Coverage of Texas GOP Convention. Yesterday morning, the paper’s political reporter, Gromer Jeffers Jr., published a dispatch from Houston, where the Republicans wrapped up their statewide convention. Jeffers’ story offered some “key takeaways” that read as if nothing big happened. Meanwhile, the rest of the country was noting that the Texas GOP is sliding toward fascism, as delegates voted on a platform that would deem homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice.”

Dallas ISD Might Pay Teachers More. The district’s board will vote Thursday on a budget that would raise the minimum wage of hourly staff to $15 per hour and raise a starting teacher’s salary to $60,000.

Southwest Pilots Picketing. As many as 1,000 pilots are expected to picket at the entrance to Love Field. They say that staffing shortages have led to being overworked, and they want a better contract.


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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Today will be beautiful, with a high of 78. You can thank me for that. I arranged it.
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