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Leading Off (6/15/22)

Much ado about nothing at Dallas City Hall.
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Council Backs Away from Broadnax Evaluation. What a mess! Some of the council members who originally requested the mayor move up City Manager T.C. Broadnax’s job evaluation by a week backed off. Here is a joint statement from Council members Paula Blackmon, Gay Donnell Willis, and Cara Mendelsohn, who did not change their desire to evaluate and potentially fire Broadnax: “After listening to our colleagues, we have requested the city secretary cancel Wednesday’s special called meeting. We believe it is important that all colleagues feel this process is fair and transparent and we are looking forward to a frank performance review discussion.”

All Hail Renewables. Texans are setting records for energy demand across the state amid an early-season heatwave. And 40 percent of the energy being produced to feed our unstable grid is from wind and solar, which is likely keeping our lights on and our air conditioning blowing.

Murders Up 18 Percent in Dallas. There have been 110 people killed in the city since January 1, a nearly 20 percent jump compared to one year ago. Dallas was feeling good after 2021, when 34 fewer people were killed compared to the year prior. Other cities saw increases, Dallas was dropping amid a new violent crime plan. Now, police are adjusting their patrols and other strategies, which will be detailed in this afternoon’s public safety meeting.

Duncanville Gunman Identified. He was 42-year-old Brandon Ned, and reportedly pointed a gun at a coach at the Duncanville Field House before he was shot and killed.


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