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Leading Off (6/14/22)

The sun will come out later today, and we'll hit only 97. Bring a light sweater.
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Broadnax Could Keep Job. There’s been lots of palace intrigue at Dallas City Hall, and as last week ended, it looked like City Manager T.C. Broadnax was about to get canned. Now it appears the Council meeting tomorrow might not produce the eight votes needed to send Broadnax packing. Sharon Grigsby writes, “[A] few of those solid eight votes have gotten squishy. Now it’s looking increasingly like Wednesday’s planned council action will dissolve into a big pile of nothing.”

Gunman Killed in Duncanville. A man whose identity has not been released attacked a summer camp where 250 kids were spending the day. He fired shots. But smart moves on the part of the counselors and quick action by cops averted a catastrophe. The gunman was shot and killed.

Dallas Man Illegally Sold 100 Guns. The Department of Justice announced the arrest of Demontre Hackworth, who they allege used his license to carry to buy about 100 guns from licensed dealers without going through a background check. He then sold those guns illegally; at least one has been traced to a killing.

Dallas Creates Coyote Plan. After a 2-year-old in Lake Highlands was attacked by a coyote, a plan is rounding into shape that would involve an ordinance making it illegal to feed wildlife and creating a public database that tracks coyote sightings.

Oncor Struggles With Electricity Demand. Some customers in Plano and elsewhere lost power yesterday as the provider’s equipment faltered in the heat.


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