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Leading Off (5/26/22)

Happy Game 5 Day to everyone but San Francisco.
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Richardson High Schooler Arrested For Bringing Guns On Campus. Almost 24 hours after the Uvalde massacrea Richardson student was arrested inside his school, Berkner High School, after police received reports about an armed man walking toward campus. They reportedly found a pistol and a replica AR-15 style Orbeez rifle inside the student’s vehicle, and the high school and a nearby elementary school were on lockdown for a time.

Reverchon Park Baseball Fields Will Be Renovated. The Dallas City Council Wednesday approved a deal with Dallas ISD to improve the baseball fields at Reverchon Park. They’ve been the “home field” for North Dallas High for more than 30 years, and the district will contribute $5 million toward renovations for the neglected facilities

Career Day Presentation by Tarrant County Sheriff’s Deputy Was “Insensitive.” According to a Fort Worth ISD employee, who provided pictures to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a Tarrant County deputy joined Career Day at E.M. Daggett Elementary School, where he presented slides that included images of AR-15 rifles and a poster titled “A Liberal’s Guide to the Deadly AR-15.” The sheriff’s office says the presentation didn’t include anything about the rifle, but a letter to parents from the principal apologized for the presentation, calling it “insensitive, not suitable, and not condoned by Daggett Elementary and the Fort Worth ISD.”


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