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Leading Off (5/13/22)

Mavs win, but this is a really bleak Leading Off.
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Mavs Force Game 7. Mike Piellucci gets no sleep. Game 7’s start time, as I type this at 7 a.m., is “TBD,” which must be stressful for our sportswriting ilk. At least he doesn’t have to go back to Phoenix, like the Athletic’s Tim Cato. ANYWAY. I was at the game last night and the American Airlines Center could’ve popped. The Suns never looked like a team that won 64 games and the Mavericks took advantage of that, forcing 22 turnovers and scoring 29 points off them. Here is Christopher Paul: “It’s win or go home. I feel like we worked as hard as we did all season to get homecourt. Just ’cause you have homecourt doesn’t guarantee you’re going to win the game, but we’d rather play at home than play here.” The Arizona Republic has its take here.

Three Shot in North Dallas Salon. Three women of Korean descent were shot by a masked gunman in the salon where they worked. Police Chief Eddie Garcia, citing “the elements of the crime,” said that “we can confidently say that hate was not a motivating factor.” Police offered few other details, but the salon was also hit by a drive-by last month. The department didn’t say whether that was connected to the more recent shooting. The women are all hospitalized.

Two Killed, Three Injured in Deep Ellum. A group had gathered outside a barbecue truck near Elm and Crowdus at about 2 a.m. when, police say, an “interaction happened” and shots were fired. A worker at the truck said there were shell casings and a weapon nearby; it appears the incident was captured on surveillance footage. An assistant police chief believes the incident was isolated. NBCDFW reports that two people are in custody “in connection to the shooting incident.”

Arrests Made in Concert Shooting. Astonial Calhoun and Devojiea Givens were charged with felony deadly conduct related to a shooting at an unpermitted concert in southern Dallas on April 2. Sixteen people were shot and one man was killed.


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