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Harry Hunsicker to Get Dark at Dallas Noir Fest

The novelist has written his first screenplay, for (S)hit Squad.
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From left: Paul Taylor, Gail Cronauer, Johnathan Brownlee (director), Hunsicker (writer), Major Dodge, Cynthia Santiago, and Skeeta Jenkins Photo by Jane Stephens

You might recognize Harry Hunsicker’s name. He has written a couple stories for D Magazine. And every year he contributes a piece to our summer micro fiction package (coming in July). The dude has also written just a few crime thrillers. And now, folks, Harry has written a screenplay for a short movie that will premiere at the Angelika Dallas on Thursday, May 12.

(S)hit Squad is a crime thriller about a hitman with irritable bowel syndrome. I’m not kidding. It was directed and produced by Johnathan Brownlee (Satanic Panic; The Standoff at Sparrow Creek; Occupy, Texas), and it stars Major Dodge (Bomb City), Cynthia Santiago (Queen of the South), and Gail Cronauer (Dr. T & the Women; Walker, Texas Ranger; JFK).

The flick will serve to open the inaugural Dallas Noir Fest, which runs at the Angelika through Sunday. After the screening, there will be a (S)hit Squad panel moderated by auctionmeister Robert Wilonsky. Others movies in the fest included Chinatown, Sunset Boulevard, and The Big Sleep. The full program is right here.


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