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Coyote Attacks Child in Lake Highlands

Keep your head on a swivel if you live near White Rock Elementary.
By Tim Rogers |

I’m just going to relay the message that was sent to the parents of kids at Richardson ISD’s White Rock Elementary at 11:46 today:

“We have received a report that a coyote attacked a small child off campus earlier this morning. As a precaution, we are keeping students inside today. RISD Safety & Security is in contact with Dallas Police, and we understand that City staff are actively searching for the animal.

“If the animal has not been located by dismissal, we ask that our families that have students who walk home to consider coming to the school to pick up your child or walk with them on the way home. RISD staff will also be in the neighborhood at dismissal.

“We are in contact with the City of Dallas and will keep you updated.

“Thank you for your support as we work to keep our students safe.”

UPDATE: The Advocate is all over the story. A 2-year-old was attacked and suffered lacerations to the face that required surgery.


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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