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Carpenter Park Hosted Its First Official Basketball Game Today

It was a game for the ages. Trust me.
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The author (left) and Matt Goodman Photo by Bobby Abtahi

Mark Lamster over at the Dallas Morning News wrote a piece about downtown’s new $20 million Carpenter Park, which opened this morning. It’s worth your time—the review of the park and the park itself. On the occasion of the park’s debut, dignitaries and a crowd of about 250 people gathered this morning to eat breakfast tacos and speechify about the rejuvenation of downtown, which has been aided by Parks For Downtown Dallas, and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile two jackanapes gathered this morning on the basketball court, the first public court downtown, to settle a score. Matt Goodman and I have been jawing at each other for a couple of years now about who would win a game of one on one. We figured this morning was the perfect opportunity to find out. So as the opening ceremonies were underway, we got to hooping.

I know we are not the first people to play basketball on that court. While I was warming up, three workers from Downtown Dallas Inc.’s Clean Team stepped onto the court and got some shots in the air. They’d clearly shot on those rims before. But if the park didn’t officially open till this morning (which it did), then no official game could have taken place on that court till this morning.

Dear FrontBurnervians, Matt and I played that first official game. It was youth and brawn versus experience and great gams. Zac Crain recorded a play by play, which I’ll have posted before long as a special bonus basketball edition of our EarBurner podcast. Along with Zac’s call, we’ll have in-game interviews and a review of the court, which does have one significant flaw. Stay tuned.


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