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Another Woman Claims Bill Hutchinson Assaulted Her

Jane Doe 4 was added yesterday to the civil suit filed against former reality show star and his real estate partners.
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In November, we published a story titled “The End of a Playboy,” about allegations of sexual assault made by women against the real estate developer Bill Hutchinson. His highest-profile project in town has been the Virgin Hotel. He also starred in the A+E reality series Marrying Millions. Yesterday, another accuser stepped forward, by way of a third amended petition filed in a civil suit against Hutchinson.

What follows is the narrative put forth by Jane Doe 4, quoted from the suit. Trigger warning: her allegations include details of sexual assault. I have asked Hutchinson’s lawyer if his client has a response and will update this post if necessary [ed: see update at end]. According to Jane Doe 4, here’s what happened:

“Plaintiff Jane Doe 4 was in her late 20s when she first met Hutchinson. She met Hutchinson at a political event she worked that he hosted at his home in Highland Park. The two exchanged contact information at that event and saw each other at various social outings as Jane Doe 4 had friends in common with Hutchinson’s circle of friends. Jane Doe 4 looked up to Hutchinson as a mentor because he had mentored the person Jane Doe 4 worked for when she first met Hutchinson.

“In the spring of 2019, Jane Doe 4 told Hutchinson she was looking for a new place to live. Jane Doe 4 was going through a rough point in her life and was particularly vulnerable—a fact Hutchinson knew and exploited. Hutchinson told Jane Doe 4 that he could get her an apartment at a complex he owned and that Jane Doe 4 would not need to go through the usual application process for the apartment.

“Hutchinson offered to show Jane Doe 4 the apartment complex, which was the Dunhill Apartments. Jane Doe 4 met Hutchinson at a restaurant near the Dunhill Apartments, where Hutchinson ordered them some alcoholic drinks. After Hutchinson paid the bill at the restaurant, he took Jane Doe 4 over to Dunhill Apartments and showed her an apartment on the first floor. The apartment had furniture in it, and when Jane Doe 4 went into the apartment’s bathroom, she saw a custom dental kit with a woman’ s name on it. Hutchinson claimed it belonged to his partner’s girlfriend.

“After buying Jane Doe 4 alcoholic drinks at the restaurant where they had met prior to coming to the Dunhill Apartments, Hutchinson continued to supply alcohol to Jane Doe 4 by opening a bottle of wine at the apartment he showed her. Jane Doe 4 continued to explore the apartment and, at one point, when she turned around. she was shocked to find that Hutchinson had completely undressed. Jane Doe 4 was very taken aback as she had always been very clear with Hutchinson that she did not want to have a physical relationship with him, though he constantly brought it up and had tried to pressure her before.

“Hutchinson forcefully guided her to the bedroom, pulling and pushing her toward the bedroom as she tried to get away. Once in the bedroom, Hutchinson told her to touch him, but she did not want to. Though she continued to resist him, Jane Doe 4 was not strong enough to fight him off, and Hutchinson undressed her. He instructed her to perform oral sex on him, but she refused. He then began to touch her all over her body without her consent and forced sexual intercourse on her. After he finished, Hutchinson finally let Jane Doe 4 up off the bed. She proceeded to get dressed, left the apartment, and walked to pick up her car from the restaurant.

“Jane Doe 4 tried to put the sexual assault out of her mind. Avoidance and blocking out traumatic memories are common responses to sexual trauma.

“Sometime after the first sexual assault, Jane Doe 4 agreed to have dinner with Hutchinson and a number of other people. Hutchinson posed the outing to her as an opportunity for a potential job. Jane Doe 4 met Hutchinson and others for dinner at the Virgin Hotel in Dallas. Jane Doe 4 remembers everyone drinking wine and cocktails at the table, and she remembers ordering her food. However, the next thing Jane Doe 4 remembers is waking up in a hotel room at the Virgin Hotel, half-dressed, with Hutchinson in the room. Jane Doe 4 does not know how she got up to the hotel room, but remembers Hutchinson being present in the room and remembers her body feeling like sexual activity had occurred. Jane Doe 4 did not have the capacity to consent to any sexual activity due to intoxication by alcohol on this date.

“Again, Jane Doe 4 avoided thinking about what had happened, not able to deal with the trauma of being assaulted a second time.

“Some time later, during the summer of 2020, Jane Doe 4 got a job at the Virgin Hotel in Dallas for a short period of time. While working at the Virgin Hotel, Jane Doe 4 heard other employees talking about Hutchinson and it appeared that Hutchinson and his business partner, could use hotel rooms at the Virgin Hotel however they wanted and that both spent a lot of time with much younger women.

“In April 2021, Jane Doe 4 met two of her friends for dinner at a restaurant in the Knox-Henderson area. Shortly after Jane Doe 4 and her friends were seated at the restaurant, Hutchinson showed up. Hutchinson sat next to Jane Doe 4 at the table, and the group drank some wine. Jane Doe 4 remembers everyone sitting at the table and looking at the menu, and then her memory goes blank. Her next memory was being at Hutchinson’s office with Hutchinson trying to get physical with her in a sexual manner when she was again unable to consent because of heavy intoxication by alcohol. Jane Doe 4 started crying hysterically and desperately wanted to get away from Hutchinson. She pushed him and tried to run out of the office. While attempting to flee, Jane Doe 4 ran into a glass door in the office very hard, which caused her physical pain and injury.

“Jane Doe 4 did not communicate with Hutchinson after that, though he has continued to reach out to Jane Doe 4.”

UPDATE (5/16/22): Brett Chisum, a lawyer working on behalf of Hutchinson, sends this response: “These allegations are a false and malicious shakedown attempt for money, unsupported by credible facts or evidence. They are designed to disparage Bill and further harm his reputation. Jane Doe 4 is someone who had a consensual relationship with Bill that lasted approximately 4 years. Jane Doe 4 knows this and she knows her allegations are not true. These false allegations do nothing but harm legitimate victims of sexual assault, and we look forward to not only clearing Mr. Hutchinson’s name in court, but also pursuing all available legal remedies to address these bad actors.”


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers