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Here’s a Breakdown of Everyone on the Primary Runoffs Ballot Tomorrow

Voters get to head to the polls tomorrow (again), this time to finalize that November ballot.
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Bethany Erickson

So, you’re going to need to go vote again tomorrow. I know it seems like you just did, and that’s because you did just vote. But now we’re going to go vote in primary runoff elections, and that is also important because of *waves hand* everything.

If you voted in the primaries in March, you’re going to vote in the primary runoff for the party you voted for then (so if you voted in the Democratic primary, you’ll do that again, for instance). If you forgot (I’m going to assume you had something better to do in March, like a rare guppy splenectomy or two-week intensive spelunking venture to find a rare crystal that is the cure for cancer) and didn’t vote at all in the primary, you can pick any runoff and go vote.

Just in case you need a refresher on who you might see on your ballot, because it’s been a minute and we’ve had a whole municipal election in between, we’ve compiled a quick rundown.

Local races 

The Democratic opponent for Dallas County Commissioner District 2 will either be Andrew Sommerman or Michelle Ocker, who will then face incumbent J.J. Koch.

Incumbent Dallas County Clerk John Warren will appear on the Democratic runoff ballot with Ann Cruz. The winner of that race will have the job, since there were no Republican challengers.

Both former U.S. Rep. John Bryant or Alexandra Guio are on the Democratic runoff ballot for Texas House of Representatives, District 114. The winner will face Republican Mark Hajdu in November. 

Former McKinney City Council member Frederick Frazier and retired law enforcement officer Paul Chabot are in the GOP runoff for Texas House of Representatives, District 61.

Flower Mound City Council member Ben Bumgarner and small-business owner Jeff Younger are on the Republican ballot for Texas House of Representatives, District 63.

Jamee Jolly, the executive director of the Plano ISD Education Foundation, and Eric J. Bowlin, an investment professional, are on the GOP ballot for Texas House of Representatives, District 70, which was vacated by Republican Scott Sanford. Cassandra Garcia Hernandez and Mihaela Plesa are on the Democratic runoff ballot.

In Texas House of Representatives, District 91, which contains most of Richland Hills and North Richland Hills, Republican incumbent Stephanie Klick has found herself in a runoff with David Lowe.

Southlake’s first female mayor, Laura Hill, will face Nate Schatzline once again on the GOP primary ballot for Texas House of Representatives, District 93.

Former Dallas City Council member Sandra Crenshaw will face fellow Democrat Venton Jones, CEO of the Southern Black Policy and Advocacy Network, for the District 100 seat in the state legislature. There is no Republican challenger for that race.

Congressional races

Democratic Congressional District 24 challengers Jan McDowell and Derrik Gay garnered 39 percent and 33 percent of the primary vote. The winner will face U.S. Rep. Beth Van Duyne for a district that somehow now covers both east Dallas and Watauga.

Congressional District 30 has runoffs on both sides of the aisle, with democrats Jasmine Crockett and Jane Hope Hamilton and republicans James Rodgers and James Harris hoping to fill the seat of Eddy Bernice Johnson, who is retiring.

In the GOP runoff, Antonio Swad and Justin Webb are vying to be on a Congressional District 32 general election ballot that includes U.S. Rep. Colin Allred and Libertarian Nathan Bosley.

Statewide races

The big race on your ballot will be the lieutenant governor’s race, where democrats Michelle Beckley and Mike Collier will eventually find out who will face incumbent Dan Patrick in the general election.

The next biggest race is, undoubtedly, the attorney general’s race. On the Republican runoff ballot, current Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is facing off against incumbent Ken Paxton. Former Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski and ACLU attorney Rochelle Garza will be on the Democratic runoff ballot.

That brings us to Bush’s current job and who will replace him. Eight Republicans ran in the primary, and with that many, you’re almost guaranteed a runoff. State Sen. Dawn Buckingham and Tim Westley will find out tomorrow night (maybe, hopefully, probably) which of them will appear on the GOP side of the general election ballot, while Sandragrace Martinez and Jay Kleberg’s runoff will determine who is on the Democratic side.

Railroad commission chairman Wayne Christian and oil and gas attorney Sarah Stogner are on the GOP primary ballot for Railroad Commissioner, where the winner will face Democrat Luke Warford in the general election.

There are plenty of polling locations in Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, and Tarrant County, and in Dallas County, you can vote at any location on Tuesday (you’ll need to look up your polling locations in the other counties). Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. 


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