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The Biggest Ukrainian Flag Flying in Dallas

Don Knobler's office on Central Expressway today ran it up the pole.
By Tim Rogers |

You know Don Knobler even if you don’t realize you know Don Knobler. He’s a Mavericks superfan. So much so that in 2019 he was banned from home games after heckling a Clippers player. Recognize him?

I’m torn. I mean, that level of incivility shouldn’t be encouraged. At the same time, though, LET’S GO MAVRELLO!

Knobler has a residential and commercial leasing office on the west side of Central Expressway, between Fitzhugh and Knox. Today I saw that he’d put up a huge Ukrainian flag over his shop. So I called to see if there was any story behind it. Maybe Knobler has relatives there. I was also curious how hard it was to secure such an enormous flag. I was instructed by a friendly woman in his office (she said the flag had gone up only an hour earlier) to email my questions. Which I did.

Knobler himself replied. He sent the 6-second video you see below. No answers to my questions. Just the video. Which I guess I respect. The flag speaks for itself.

(NOTE: honestly, I can’t swear this is the largest Ukrainian flag in Dallas right now. But it’s frickin’ huge. If someone else is flying a bigger Ukrainian flag, let me hear from you.)


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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