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Vote for Your Hometown Magazine in a National Competition

Little D Magazine needs your click to make some noise.
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There are other magazine covers in the mix; don't vote for those.

The American Society of Magazine Editors is the big dog in our industry when it comes to handing out national awards (all respect due the Pulitzer folks). ASME awards something called an Ellie, so called because it’s a small sculpture of an Alexander Calder elephant. In its 47-year history, D Magazine has won just one.

Right. That’s all the background you need. ASME is doing a people’s choice award for best magazine cover. D Magazine is in the mix. Go here and like our “Fair Park Lie” cover from November. The image was shot by staff photographer Elizabeth Lavin, and the design was done by Kevin Goodbar.

Click like. Like it. Like, really like it.

Thank you.


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