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The White Rock Lake Bald Eagles Are Going to Be OK!

They found a new nest—which won't help those eggs.
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I’ve written a bunch here about the pair of bald eagles nesting in a tree at Lake Highlands Park, near the north end of White Rock Lake. You might have heard that their nest was blown out of its tree yesterday. Ben Sandifer, I think, was the first to break the news. His tweet describing the eagles crying as they circled the scene of their eggs’ demise was heartbreaking, especially for those of us who live in the neighborhood and have been keeping an eye on the birds’ progress for the last few months.

So I want to bring you some good news. A buddy of mine lives behind that park. In a sycamore not far from the old nest site, there is an abandoned hawks’ nest that he can see from his backyard. The eagles must have found the thing on Airbnb. They’ve moved in. The place isn’t big enough for them. It’s probably just temporary. But at least they’ve found a place to stay.

My buddy took this picture with an iPhone jammed against his binoculars this morning. With apologies for the terrible image quality:



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