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Job Opening: D Magazine Seeks Managing Editor

If you have some experience, that's great. But brains are even better.
By Tim Rogers |

You see that picture at the top of this post? The one of the two people exchanging a world-class high-five in an office environment? That’s a stock photo. But that could be you and me if you worked at D Magazine. Or it could be you and Zac Crain or you and Kathy Wise. If you want to high-five Peter Simek, you’ll need to find him first; he’s never in the office.

OK, anyway, the point is: we’ve got a job opening for a managing editor. If you’ve got a decade of experience, this gig’s probably not for you. But if you’re smart and you have an eye for detail and you want to work at one of the best general-interest magazines in the country, then head over to the official job listing (you might also check out the posting there for a senior digital editor), and let’s make this happen.

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Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers