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Dallas Private Schools Targeted by Anti-Mask Truck Billboards

ESD and Lamplighter are getting lit!
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It’s tough out there right now. Schools are shutting down because they have too many teachers out with COVID. At least one person, though, would like to see two Dallas private schools ditch the masks.

The photos you see here were sent to me by a former Lamplighter parent. The Lamplighter School is a super-selective private school that goes from pre-K through fourth grade. The Episcopal School of Dallas goes K through 12 and is just down the road a piece, 2 miles or so. They are both in the Preston Hollow slash North Dallas part of town, if you’re not familiar.

In addition to the two messages you see displayed here on the truck billboard, I got a pic of another one that reads, “Why are the least at risk forced to sacrifice for the most? It’s not a child’s job to protect adults. UNMASK THEM!”

The mask issue has become a real political flashpoint. Personally, it does me no good to wade into this fraught situation because no matter what I say, no one’s mind will be changed, and passions will have been needlessly ignited. It’s Friday, right? Don’t we all just want to get pumped for the Cowboys’ playoff game? So all I’ll say is that I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.

That and these truck billboards are idiotic.


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