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Dallas DA Still Investigating Alleged Police Violence at Summer 2020 Protests

The district attorney’s office is trying to identify officers who shot protesters with so-called ‘less-lethal’ ammunition.
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The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office said Wednesday that it is still looking into allegations of police violence against demonstrators during a summer 2020 protest in downtown Dallas. 

The DA is trying to identify two “potential victims” along with the officers who fired “less-lethal” ammunition at protesters that include 26-year-old Brandon Saenz, who lost an eye and seven teeth when he was struck in the face with one of those rounds. 

The DA released videos and images of three incidents at the May 30 protests that depict protesters who appeared to have been shot by “less-lethal” ammunition used by police, usually some kind of rubber rounds.

Per the press release from District Attorney John Creuzot:

“According to the Dallas Police Department’s protocol that was in effect on this date, after these so-called ‘less lethal’ rounds were fired, the officer should have done the following: collected the projectile fired if feasible, gotten medical help for the person hit, notified a supervisor on the scene that they discharged their weapon, and complete a BlueTeam report detailing the incident by the end of their shift. None of these steps were taken.”

The statute of limitations will expire on May 30, which Creuzot says prompted the renewed call for public help.

“From everything we have, we believe this activity is illegal and unjustified,” Crezuot says. “We need names, we need a person.”

You can see images of the incidents here. Anyone with information that could help identify the people in those images or shed some light on what happened is being asked to reach out to the DA at [email protected] or by calling 214-653-3714.


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