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We Had an AI Art App Create Some Weird and Terrifying Dallas Images

If you’ve ever wanted to see a computer generate an image based on the prompt, ‘Big Tex eats a corn dog and shoots lasers from his eyes,’ well, here you go.
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Maybe you’ve recently seen some of the images generated by Dream, a new-ish app that uses artificial intelligence and a large library of tagged images on the internet to create weird new visual representations of whatever prompt you give it. Maybe I spent too much time playing around with it this afternoon. Maybe I still have to create content for this blog even in these doldrums of mid-December fading into the holidays and 2022.

I started by giving it the names of notable North Texas residents:

Then I gave it more specific and increasingly odd prompts while sticking to a vaguely Dallas theme.

One more. Warning: Close the page now if you want to sleep tonight.

Give it a whirl yourself. Share your AI-generated Dallas images with us. Happy holidays.

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