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Return of the sweaters—but when?
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Mother Whose Daughter Died After Falling From Car Wanted for Arrest. The Irving Police Department has obtained a warrant for Tangela Smith, whose 8-month-old daughter Kassidy fell out of the back seat and was struck and killed by another car. The department says none of Smith’s children were properly secured in the vehicle.

Officers Don’t Face Indictments After Behavior During Protests. In a show of just how hard it is to charge police with a crime, none of the officers who were caught on video using excessive force—including one who fired a sponge round into a woman’s breast at point blank range and another who shot a protester in the eye, which caused him to go partially blind—have faced criminal charges. Police Monitor Tonya McClary told the review board that there were 45 complaints against officers during the George Floyd protests. Of those, eight were criminally investigated and 17 were investigated by the department’s internal affairs division. Most are now closed, and only two of the criminal investigations are pending.

Demand for COVID Tests Surges. As Omicron spreads rapidly through North Texas, providers are seeing an increase in demand for COVID-19 tests. Most of this NBC 5 report is anecdotal, but you don’t have to look hard to see lines at pharmacy drive-thrus stretching into the parking lots.

Cold Front Coming. We have one more weird, muggy Louisiana-coast-in-April type day before rain settles in for the evening Friday night. The cold front moves in behind those storms, which will continue through Saturday morning. After it clears up, expect afternoon temps to plunge into the 40s or 50s.

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