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Jenna Ryan Hopes to Lose 30 Pounds in Prison

She is staying on brand. Gotta give her that.
By Tim Rogers |
Courtesy TikTok

Everyone’s favorite insurrectionist real estate agent from Carrollton who said she wouldn’t go to prison because she is White and blond is headed off next month to do her a 60-day bid. A lot of things can happen in two months behind bars, most of them bad. But Jenna Ryan, currently tipping the scales at 170 pounds, says on TikTok that she won’t be able to drink in prison, and she thinks that abstemiousness, along with yoga, will help her drop 30 pounds.

For a different perspective on what it’s like inside U.S. prisons, here’s what Human Rights Watch has found: “Sexual and other abuses continued to be serious problems for women incarcerated in local jails, state and federal prisons, and INS detention centers. Women in custody faced abuses at the hands of prison guards, most of whom are men, who subjected the women to verbal harassment, unwarranted visual surveillance, abusive pat frisks and sexual assault. Fifteen states did not have criminal laws prohibiting custodial sexual misconduct by guards, and Human Rights Watch found that in most states, guards were not properly trained about their duty to refrain from sexual abuse of prisoners. The problem of abuse was compounded by the continued rapid growth of the female inmate population. As a result women were warehoused in overcrowded prisons and were often unable to access basic services such as medical care and substance abuse treatment.”

We wish Ryan good luck in the new year. Here’s her TikTok video:


Keep Positive- Prison Fit Check ##jennaryan

♬ original sound – Jenna Ryan

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