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The New York Times Takes a Shine to Dallas Architecture

We are flattered. And humbled. And honored.
By Tim Rogers |

The New York Times has more subscribers in Dallas than does the Dallas Morning News. Perhaps that is why the Gray Lady keeps making eyes at us. Last week, a California-based writer for the Times tried to figure out why everyone is moving here. Today, a Berlin-based writer who grew up here has a piece in the Times headlined “Discovering a Secret Wonderland of Architecture in Dallas.” Rob Madole, a former editor of ARCH+, makes fun of Pioneer Plaza (“… one of the city’s biggest parks, which contained 39 bronze cattle sculptures but not a single bench”) before saying some nice things about Cityplace Tower, Plaza of the Americas, and Las Colinas’ canal. Here’s his last paragraph:

“When I moved to Berlin, I fell for the drama of its rich architectural past, the feeling that the closer you inspected, the more there was to discover. I had thought this was an experience unavailable to a city like Dallas, but it turned out I just hadn’t known where to look.”

Aw, that’s sweet of him to say. But before we all blush too much, maybe read this seminal David Dillon D Magazine cover story titled “Why Is Dallas Architecture So Bad?

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