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Hockaday Dominates Rhodes Scholarships

Two women from the class of 2018 have been named to this year's cohort of folks headed to Oxford.
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Photo courtesy of the Hockaday School.

Each year, 32 college students in the United States are awarded Rhodes Scholarships to study at Oxford. These folks aren’t just smart. They are crazy smart. And they do stuff in their spare time that sounds exhausting. The application process is, as you might imagine, slightly more involved than checking the “I am not a robot” box. All of which should help you understand how amazing it is that two Hockadasies from the class of 2018 have been awarded the honor.

Elizabeth Guo is a senior at Harvard, majoring in physics. Mary Orsak is a senior at Yale, majoring in Russian. You can read more about them here. Counting Mary Clare Beytagh, who got her Rhodes in 2018, and Laura Roberts, 2016, that’s four Hockadasies in six years — and five in the last 11 years. Unless someone wants to argue otherwise, I am hereby renaming Hockaday “The Rhodes Factory on Forest Lane.” I’m trademarking the phrase now.

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