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You’re Not the Only One Who Heard Those Loud Noises Near Love Field on Wednesday

Let me tell you about that sound.
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courtesy of Love Field

If your social media feeds are anything like mine, they’re regularly populated by what I’m going to call “What was that sound?” posts. Gunshots or fireworks or a car backfiring? Wind or ghost? Screams or celebrations?

Late last afternoon and into the early evening, there was a racket near Love Field that raised an extraordinary flurry of “What was that sound?” posts, a “defeaning [sic] succession of plane noises above the Oak Lawn neighborhood, a few miles off from Dallas’ Love Field.”

I emailed Chris Perry, the communications manager for Love Field, with the pertinent question. What was that sound?

“We average around 70 military operations per month and, occasionally, a few of them can be quite noisy,” he says. “Yesterday’s weather and then just currently having one runway can lead to some increased noise for certain areas.”

Yesterday, like today, was very windy. And Love Field is presently down to one runway while construction work continues on Runway 13R-31L.

Perry, like me, only heard the plane sounds via anecdote. But it does appear to have been “quite noisy” near Love Field around 4:45 p.m Wednesday, he says.

And that, reader, was that sound.

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