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These Are the Richest People in Dallas, Forbes Says

The billionaires had a good year.
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Forbes just put out its annual list of the 400 richest people in the country. The North Texas contingent of the most obscenely wealthy Americans includes:

  • No. 78: Andrew Beal (Dallas: banks)—net worth of $9.9 billion
  • No. 86: Jerry Jones (Dallas: Cowboys)—net worth of $9.1 billion
  • No. 188: Ray Lee Hunt (Dallas: oil, inheritance)—net worth of $5.7 billion
  • No. 212: Robert Bass (Fort Worth: oil, investments)—net worth of $5 billion
  • No. 247 (tie): David Bonderman (Fort Worth: private equity)—net worth of $4.5 billion
  • No. 247 (tie): Mark Cuban (Dallas: Mavericks, internet)—net worth of $4.5 billion
  • No. 247 (tie): Trevor Rees-Jones (Dallas: oil and gas)—net worth of $4.5 billion
  • No. 261: Robert Rowling (Dallas: hotels)—net worth of $4.3 billion
  • No. 273: Margot Birmingham Perot (Dallas: computer services, real estate)—net worth of $4.1 billion
  • No. 289: Kelcy Warren (Dallas: pipelines)—net worth of $3.9 billion
  • No. 363: H. Ross Perot Jr. (Dallas: real estate)—net worth of $3.2 billion

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos took the list’s top spot, with newly minted Texan Elon Musk at No. 2.

“The 400 wealthiest Americans saw their collective fortune increase 40% over the last year, to $4.5 trillion,” Forbes says. “Nearly all are richer than they were a year ago.” Good time to be a billionaire.

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