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State Fair of Texas

State Fair Photo of the Day: 10/11, Games of Chance or Skill

You’re not like the other suckers on the Midway. You’re going to sink the basket and win that big old stuffed animal.
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Hooping it up at the State Fair of Texas. Photo by Jason Janik

State Fair of Texas worker Autumn Machamer probably knows that the odds of “winning” any of the Midway’s carnival games are extremely low. What Machamer doesn’t know is that you’re a total crack shot from the free throw line, and you really want that big stuffed Pikachu toy, like, more than everyone else. These other suckers are going to clang it right off the oval hoop, but you’re sinking it straight through the net every time without fail. They think they know, but they couldn’t possibly. Just watch. That’ll be 10 coupons, please.

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