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Pete Delkus Still Has His Fastball

The headline is a baseball reference. Delkus used to play baseball. Get it?
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The playful banter between WFAA’s lead weatherman, Pete Delkus, and its (now retired) sports anchor, Dale Hansen, was always pretty good. The reason: they are funny guys, they respect each other, and they weren’t afraid to bring it. (Also, they didn’t completely leave it to improv; the two usually communicated prior to the newscast about their planned japes.) Now that Joe Trahan has taken over for Hansen, how’s that all going to work out? Here’s the exchange from last night’s 10 o’clock, as Delkus threw it from weather to sports:

DELKUS: “That’s it for the weather. Next up sports, with Joe, who smells like a brewery.”

TRAHAN: “Honest to God, I was at the Mavs game, and a fan spilled beer on me.”

DELKUS: “Yeah, Dale used that excuse for 39 years. We aren’t buying it, Joe.”

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