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Leading Off (10/19/21)

Today will be beautiful, with a high of 78. You can thank me for that. I arranged it.
By Tim Rogers |

Dallas County to Redraw Political Boundaries. Public hearings begin today as the county commissioners consider three redistricting options, each of which would hose Republicans. The court’s sole GOPer, J.J. Koch, from the northern District 2, said, “[The maps] are a little bit shocking. If that isn’t gerrymandering, I don’t know what is.”

Mary Kay Sues Former Employee. Jennifer Bickel Cook worked with Mary Kay herself for a long time, and she wrote a book about her experience. The cosmetics company isn’t pleased.

Carroll ISD Board Meeting Was Tense. Last night folks sounded off for more than two hours about the NBC News recording of a Carroll administrator telling teachers they need to present the “opposing” view of the Holocaust.

Dak Has Calf Strain. An MRI confirmed it.

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