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These Puppies in a Basket Will Make Your Heart Melt

Operation Kindness did us all a favor today.
By Tim Rogers |
Courtesy Operation Kindness

I’ll pull the curtain back a bit. We’ve all got quotas around here for FrontBurner posts. It can be oppressive. If we don’t hit our numbers, Christine Allison makes us scrape gum off sidewalks in Highland Park. The hard part about that is finding gum on sidewalks in Highland Park. Also, we have to do wall sits. The good thing about that is Zac has killer quads. I wish he’d wear shorts more often.

Where was I? Oh yeah! Operation Kindness sent over some pics of some puppies, along with the following words: “Operation Kindness took in Mary Lou, a pregnant bulldog, to care for while waiting for the birth of her puppies. The leading lifesaving shelter in North Texas decided to give her a maternity photoshoot to pamper her, alongside medicated baths to spoil her rotten. Then, soon after she gave birth, it made total sense to do a newborn photoshoot to show off her adorable puppies.”

Share this post! Here are some pics of Mary Lou and her litter.

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