Sunday, October 1, 2023 Oct 1, 2023
78° F Dallas, TX
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Leading Off (9/14/21)

Expect a high of only 85 today. And expect magic.
By Tim Rogers |

COVID Update. The average number of new daily cases in Dallas County for the last two-week period is 1,350; for the previous two-week period, it was 1,269. New hospital admissions in the county have recently fallen, so that’s good. Encourage your friends to get vaccinated.

DISD Pays Students to Get Vaxxed. The district is giving $50 gift cards to students who show proof of vaccination. The money is coming from federal COVID relief funds. Encourage your friends to enroll their children in a DISD school.

Violent Crime Down in Dallas. Police Chief Eddie García presented data yesterday to the Public Safety Committee to show how the first 90 days of his crime-reduction plan have gone. Overall, violent crime in the city is down 6.3 percent when comparing January through July to the same period a year ago. In the areas of the city where the chief has focused the department’s efforts, violent crime is down about 46 percent, but outside those areas, it’s actually up by about 18 percent. Encourage your friends not to be violent.

WFAA Site Is a Dumpster Fire. This morning I tried to find some fresh local news over at ABC Channel 8 and was assaulted by a mess of pop-up ads, drop-down menus, auto-play video, and general atrocious design. Encourage your friends to redesign the site.

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Today will be beautiful, with a high of 78. You can thank me for that. I arranged it.
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Leading Off (12/2/21)

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