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How Redistricting Will Carve Up Dallas’ State Representation

If you liked Texas’ new congressional map, you’ll love the new map for representation in the state House of Representatives.
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Hot new redistricting map coming through. Earlier this week, we got to see the Republican-led state legislature’s first stab at congressional redistricting. Today, we get the rough draft of new state House of Representatives districts.

You can see the entire state map here.

But first, let’s zoom in on the current map of North Texas:

The current district map for the state House.

And here’s the first draft of the new map divvying up our state representatives.

Our potential representation in the state House after redistricting.

The Texas Tribune says the new map creates “fewer districts where Black and Hispanic people make up a majority of eligible voters,” despite the fact that the latest U.S. Census shows Black and Hispanic Texans—along with Asian Americans—driving much of the state’s population growth over the last decade:

In North Texas, several redrawn districts would potentially have Democratic and Republican incumbents squaring off—except that those incumbents already have other plans.

Here’s the Texas Tribune again:

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