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Where Is Dallas’ Love Locks Bridge?

If we want to be a world-class city, we gotta get on this.
Photo by Tim Rogers

We’ve got a problem. Dallas doesn’t have a proper love locks bridge. If you’re not familiar with the concept, let Google show you what they look like. The idea: you fall in love with someone, you have your names inscribed on a padlock, you lock that padlock to a bridge, and you throw the key into the river spanned by the bridge. It’s very romantic. If you’re a world-class city, you gotta have yourself a love locks bridge.

You know where our love locks bridge is? According to the Dallas Parks Foundation, it’s the Santa Fe Trestle. Here’s a picture of the locks there from 2019. I think you’ll agree that it looks pretty sorry. I suspect every couple whose lock is affixed to the Santa Fe Trestle has gotten divorced. So sad.

The nameless bridge across the north end of White Rock Lake (pictured above) has some locks on it. I guess we could go with that one. I’d suggest we name the bridge first, though. Or maybe we could go with the Ronald Kirk Bridge? I don’t think there’s a structure there to which locks can be locked.

People, we need to get this squared away.

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