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FrontBurner Poll: How About These SMU Football Ads in Times Square?

A new ‘Born & Raised’ ad campaign is highlighting local SMU players with a billboard in New York City.
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Ben Solomon

SMU Athletics ponied up for some ads in Times Square, as you can see here:

The new marketing campaign is called “Born & Raised.” The campaign comes courtesy of Brad Thomas, the former Mustang Mania marketer, and Daniel Nunes, SMU’s assistant athletic director for marketing. Thomas says the campaign has “hugely impacted local recruiting.”

“Ten billboards and a Love Field wall will be going up in the next couple of weeks all over town highlighting local players and their respective communities,” he wrote in a text. “A lot of good things are happening. SMU is thinking really big and keeping their name out there during all the conference realignment talks.”

Do you “get” it? Is this cool? Should college athletes be paid in hard American currency rather than brand-building opportunities? Let’s take it to the poll.

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