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Come See Me and My Son Talk to Each Other About Each Other and Dirk Nowitzki

It's tonight at Interabang Books.
Zac Crain with son in front of Dirk mural
Elizabeth Lavin

As you may recall, I wrote a book about Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas, and me (not necessarily in that order). It is called I See You Big German. It has a subtitle that is similar to the first sentence but I always forget how it goes. I See You Big German is the important part. Anyheck, it came out in June. But, somehow, tonight is the first time I will be talking about it in an actual bookstore. Specifically, Interabang Books at 6 p.m.

What can you expect? Well, me. Obviously. But also: my 17-year-old son Isaac, who appears in the book and will be interviewing me. What exactly will that entail? I honestly have no idea. I asked if he wanted to do it a month or so ago, and he said yes without giving it much thought. I don’t think he has given it much thought since then. Brief scouting report: he is a clever, creative kid who has gotten kicked out of the Home Depot near our house multiple times for shooting videos there. He also sometimes will stand in the doorway to his room for 30 minutes texting so he doesn’t have to talk or be perceived in any way. Which version will show up tonight? I guess you will have to come see for yourself.

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