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Wedding Dress Found on Dallas North Tollway in Frisco

This is not the first time crews have recovered a lost wedding dress on the tollway.
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Have you heard the one about the runaway wedding dress?

On Friday night, service crews picking up debris scattered on the Dallas North Tollway found a surprise: a wedding dress, which was recovered on the southbound side of the tollway near the Gaylord exit in Frisco. It was boxed up and in pretty good shape.

“It wasn’t Sally Field in the old Smokey and the Bandit movie,” says Michael Rey, media relations manager for the North Texas Tollway Authority.

Workers routinely patrol the tollway to remove hazards and litter. Last year, crews picked up more than 12,000 pieces of debris, Rey says. Most items don’t hold up very well coming out of a vehicle going 75 miles per hour. But if they do, the tollway authority will try to reunite each property with its respective owner. A crated-up refrigerator that fell off a truck was once returned, intact, to the shipping company that lost it, Rey says.

More often, crews will add to the lost and found those items that appear to have some sentimental value. One woman was glad to get back a large dog bed that was enjoyed by her aging pets.

“This is not our first wedding dress,” Rey says. “It was before my time, but I’m told we reunited somebody with a wedding dress years ago. We’ve done class rings, we’ve done luggage.”

The NTTA shared a picture of the dress that crews found Friday. The box it was found in wasn’t marked with a name or address, but contained enough identifying information that the dress could be returned to its rightful owner, Rey says.

If this is your dress, contact the NTTA at [email protected].

And drive safe out there.

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