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Developer Bill Hutchinson Charged With Sexual Assault in California, Sued in Dallas County

A few days after the Dallas developer was charged in the sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl, a second young woman has filed a lawsuit alleging further misconduct.
Courtesy of Highland Park DPS

Editor’s Note, 7/9/21, 7:30 p.m.: The Dallas Morning News reports that Hutchinson has now been charged in Orange County, Calif. with one count of rape and five counts of sexual battery related to the alleged assault of two 16-year-old girls. His arrest affidavit from Highland Park included information that they had interviewed a girl who alleged similar behavior at his home in Laguna Beach. His attorney denies the allegations. More here.  Original report is below. 

Bill Hutchinson, who was arrested this week and charged in the sexual assault of a teenage girl, is facing additional accusations detailed in a civil lawsuit filed this morning.

The 63-year-old Dallas developer and reality TV star has not responded to messages, but previously told TMZ that he denied the allegations in the criminal charge and was “not capable of assault, sexual or otherwise.”

According to the lawsuit, Hutchinson met with a college student who had sent him her resume and asked for job advice. Hutchinson offered the young woman alcohol and then brought her to an apartment, where he attempted to force himself on her, according to the lawsuit, which says the woman recorded some of the alleged incident on her phone and eventually pushed him away. A video published on YouTube on Friday shows a woman asking “Bill” to stop and get off of her.

“Hutchinson assaulted our client while she was intoxicated, although she clearly rejected Hutchinson’s advances both in messages in person,” attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel said in a statement. Tuegel, who was profiled in the January 2020 issue of D Magazine, has previously won large settlements representing victims of sexual abuse in high-profile cases.

Hutchinson, who starred on A+E’s Marrying Millions with his 23-year-old partner, is out of jail on a $30,000 bond. The founder of the commercial real estate company Dunhill Partners and a general partner in Virgin Hotels Dallas was arrested earlier this week by Highland Park police after a 17-year old girl who was staying at his house said Hutchinson sexually assaulted her while she was asleep on the couch.

“We know there are other young survivors of Bill Hutchinson’s grotesque conduct, and we encourage you to reach out and report him,” Tuegel, the attorney representing the young woman in the lawsuit filed today, said in a statement.


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