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Topgolf COO Pens New Book Filled With Advice for Dads

Craig Kessler has some advice for you.
Marc Montoya

Craig Kessler fears my golf game. That’s the only explanation for why the COO of Topgolf has so far avoided teeing it up with me at his fine establishment. Let me explain.

A while back, Craig’s people sent me a note saying he’d written a book filled with fatherly advice from his notable friends. I thought at the time that a vanity project like that would be as helpful as a golf lesson from Charles Barkley, but I said I’d give it a look because I’m a really nice person. To my surprise, the book was a delight. I found myself chuckling at what some of Craig’s friends had written to him. And the advice itself was really smart. I asked Craig’s people if D Magazine could excerpt some words of wisdom from the Dallas dads (Shawn Spieth, Dale Petroskey, Fred Perpall, Jon Altschuler, Mack Hicks). That excerpt went online today. Give it a look. If you like what you read, consider buying a copy of The Dad Advice Project for the newish dad in your life. In all, 42 guys contributed their advice to Craig’s book.

But back to the golf. I’ve never met Craig. As I was working out the details of the excerpt with his people, they asked if I wanted to talk with him. I said sure, as long as the conversation happened at Topgolf, in a hitting bay. They agreed to my terms.

Friends, that happened in April. Here we are in mid-June. And Craig, clearly worried that he’ll lose his fortune and possibly his children if he dares wager with me on golf, remains hidden in his corner office. You know what else? I hear he has caddie issues.