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Rachel Maddow Drags Jovan Philyaw

The man is now involved with the Arizona audit.
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An alert FrontBurnervian draws our attention to yesterday’s installment of The Rachel Maddow Show, whose namesake riffed for a bit on the insanity of the Arizona audit and the grandiose names of several individuals associated with it. You can watch here at about the 21:00 mark, when a FrontBurner post (pictured above) becomes part of the MSNBC broadcast.

I could spend 5,000 words trying to unravel this deal. Here’s the TL;DR version: a group with no experience called Cyber Ninjas is auditing Arizona’s votes in the 2020 presidential election. A local GOP elections official there called the effort “insane just from a competence standpoint.” A Dallas guy named Jovan Philyaw is in the mix. Philyaw, who now goes by the name J. Hutton Pulitzer, takes credit for inventing the CueCat. In the January FrontBurner post that wound up on MSNBC, I tried to explain how Philyaw — pardon, Pulitzer — came to be involved in Georgia’s recount of votes cast in the presidential election, back when Gizmodo wrote, “Pulitzer has emerged like a shit-covered phoenix to cash in on yet another doomed misadventure: Trump’s increasingly desperate attempts to prove he didn’t lose the 2020 presidential election fair and square.”

Oh, dear. I’m afraid I’ve only made this more confusing. Let me try again: an interesting Dallas guy was recently in the news. The end.