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My Book Tour Kicks Off Today

Come get your copy ofI See You Big German signed by me, Zac Crain, the guy who wrote it.
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Zac Crain with son in front of Dirk mural
Elizabeth Lavin

Hey gang. It’s me, your old pal and frequent self-promoter Zac Crain. As you may have heard, I recently published a book, my second in six months. It’s called I See You Big German: Dirk Nowitzki and What He Means to Dallas (And Me). Perhaps you saw the excerpt we ran in our June issue. Or maybe you heard me on the radio: I was on The Ben and Skin Show on The Eagle yesterday talking about it.

Speaking of Ben and Skin, I have teamed up with the fellas and their brewery, Rollertown Beerworks out in Celina, for a few special events centered on my Dirk book and Rollertown’s similarly named beer, The Big German. The first is this evening at Goodfriend Beer Garden at 6 p.m. I’ll be there signing books and the first 41 people who order a Big German will receive a special Kolsch glass courtesy of Rollertown.

The fun continues tomorrow out in Fort Worth at Pouring Glory. Same deal: I’ll be there signing books and the first 41 Big German drinkers get that commemorative glass. Then Saturday, which happens to be Dirk’s birthday, it culminates in a big celebration out at Rollertown. My part kicks off at 3 p.m. Hopefully, I’ll see you at one of those. We will have books for sale, if you don’t have one yet.

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